With the continuously rising heating bills and the threatening climate change, a growing number of UK home owners are turning to alternative energy sources to cut their energy bills and carbon footprint. But since new technologies that utilise solar and thermal energy are unaffordable for most of the population, the majority of home owners decide for wood burning stoves. These are both eco-friendly and cost efficient but only if they are chosen carefully. In order to heat your home to the desired temperature during the winter, keep the costs of heating as low as possible and reduce the smoke to the minimum, we advise you to choose a wood burning stove according to the following factors:

Size (energy output). In order to heat your home properly and benefit financially from a wood burning stove, it is of utmost importance to choose the correct size or energy output. The surest way to get just the right amount of heat is to choose the size of the stove according to the size of the room which, however, does not necessarily mean that you need the biggest stove if you have a big space. It is highly important to be aware that all wood burning stoves give optimal energy output if loaded maximally. By reducing fuel load or the temperature in the fire-chamber, the stove may not reach its optimal heat output. Too small stove, on the other hand, may not provide enough heat during the coldest winter months. And by loading it beyond its capacity, you may cause permanent damage to the stove and reduce its lifespan. Besides considering the size of the room, you are also recommended to consider factors such as insulation and large window areas because you will need a stove with a higher energy output if you live in a poorly insulated house for instance.

Efficiency. There are many wood burning stoves to choose from but not all deliver what they promise. Besides failing to output the promised amount of heat, many also need large amounts of wood to produce a satisfactory warmth. You are therefore highly recommended to invest in an efficient stove. You will save money in the long term on wood fuel and feel just as warm as with a constantly “hungry” stove. In addition, an efficient wood burning stove produces a lot less smoke which is highly important if you live in Smoke Control Area. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the type of wood fuel you use matters as well when it comes to both efficiency of the stove and the amount of smoke it produces.

Aesthetics. Unlike central heating boilers which are usually installed in the basement or somewhere else out of sight, wood burning stoves are typically installed in living rooms. And their aesthetic appeal therefore matters a lot. But with so many designs and styles to choose from, finding a stove that will keep you pleasantly warm during the winter, help you reduce those heating bills and complement the overall beauty of your home should not be a problem.

How Do I Choose A Woodburner?

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