Dik Geurts – Odin Tunnel, Plateau


The spirit of Dik Geurts

The special characteristics of Dik Geurts can be found in many elements of the Odin: its dark anthracite exterior, the seamless finish, the sturdy door hinge, its perfect air-tightness and the simplicity of the single air slider. This beautiful wood stove from the Odin series comes with a plateau, on which you can place the stove to the left or right hand sides. With the Odin and the Odin Tunnel, Dik Geurts is adding two superior models to its impressive range of wood stoves.


Output net min. (kW) 6.0
Output net max. (kW) 10.0
Max. log length (cm) 25
Efficiency (%)  75.0
Built-in depth (mm) 400
Fire view width (mm)  424
Fire view height (mm)  424
Dik Geurts – Odin Tunnel, Plateau