Dik Geurts – Bora Corner, Fixed


Beautiful Dik Geurts designer stove

The Bora Corner, Fixed is suspended from the ceiling (made of non-combustible material), so there are many possibilities for placement in the house. The fire can be hung in any desired position so you can enjoy the beautiful flames to the fullest.


Output net min. (kW) 4.0
Output net max. (kW) 9.0
Max. log length (cm) 25
Efficiency (%)  78.1
CO emission (%-13% O2) 0.09
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 98
Built-in depth (mm) 410
Fire view width (mm)  440
Fire view height (mm)  380
Dik Geurts – Bora Corner, Fixed