Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted Gas Stoves


For an alternative installation to the standard and Midline versions, the Gazco Midi T Wall Mounted gas stove makes for a strikingly contemporary statement. This floating installation can be either rear or top flued depending on your preferences and is available as a balanced flue model only.

All Vogue Midi T models can be upgraded with a remote control allowing you to adjust the flames and heat without leaving your armchair. There is also the option of a Programmable Thermostatic handset, which allows you to preset your stove to turn on at specific times and temperatures.

Key facts:

Heat Output – 2.0- 4.8kW
High Efficiency – 88%
Command Controls – Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice – Matt Black
Fuel Bed – Logs

Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted Gas Stoves