Vogue Midi Gas Stoves


Elegantly styled to fit equally well in either contemporary or traditional settings alike, the Gazco Vogue Midi gas stoves feature a cast iron door and top plate with refined curves and bevelled edges. For increased presence, Midline models are mounted on a matching log store base that can be used to house chopped logs to add to the woodburning aesthetic.

Creating breathtaking flame visuals, Vogue Gas stoves feature a highly realistic log bed and a polished EchoFlame Black Glass lining that provides a stunning, multi-sided reflection of the flames. Designed with the very latest gas fire technology, these cutting edge stoves provide an ample 4.3kW of heat at 84% efficiency.

For greater convenience, these stylish stoves can be upgraded with a Programmable Thermostatic handset which allows you to pre-set the stove to provide heat at selected times or temperatures.

Key facts:

Heat Output – 1.6- 4.3kW
High Efficiency – Conventional Flue: 76% / Balanced Flue: 90.6%
Command Controls – Manual, Standard upgradeable or Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Colour Choice – Matt Black
Fuel Bed – Logs
Sizes Available – Midi & Midline

Vogue Midi Gas Stoves