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Norreskoven Mk2


Nørreskoven Mk2 Traditional

A future classic 

Are you planning a more classic interior?  The Nørreskoven Traditional unites centuries of stove design with future-proof technology.

Though it looks like an old fashioned home-warmer, the Nørreskoven is a beast under the bonnet. This convection stove can be piled high with seasoned logs and, thanks to Tripleburn technology, you’ll get the best from them every time:  its heat output range is sufficient for family rooms. 

The Air wash system keeps excess carbon deposits away from the glass door – so you’ll not need to clean daily on hands and knees!  How refreshingly modern... 


Heat Output Range • 4kW - 6kW

Nominal Output • 4.4kW (No Air Brick required)*