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Bohemia X30


A delightful compact steel stove that will fit into a small fireplace opening measuring 18” (457mm) x 24” (610mm) and will happily burn wood or smokeless fuel giving a cosy radiant and convected heat from the built in top convector plate whilst giving a lovely view of the fire.  The X30 is ideal for smaller rooms, cottages or narrow boats.  With its clean burn firebox technology the X30 is fully approved for use in smokeless zones throughout all areas of the UK.

Dimensions: W390 x D290 x H521mm
Weight: 51kg
Max log length: 300mm (12”)
Flue outlet: 125mm top/rear
Efficiency wood: 79.2%
Efficiency smokeless fuel: 75%

Distance from rear of stove to centre of top flue outlet: 126mm
Distance from floor to centre of rear flue outlet: 438mm
Heating area (in square metres): 20 - 80

Distance to flammable materials
From back: 250mm
From side: 400mm
From front: 800mm