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Clarendon Gas


Clarendon Gas Stoves

Superb heating efficiency, finely detailed castings, a real fire effect and choice of two sizes make the Gas Clarendon stove perfect for a wide variety of homes. According to size of model, the fires may be coal or log effect. Further, whilst the tracery of the standard window provides minimal obscuring of the flames, there are also ‘clear glass’ versions of the Medium Clarendon to attain the fullest possible view of the fire.

The Clarendon model is also available as an electric stove.


Brand Gazco
Nominal Heat Output M: 2.50 - 5.28kW 
L: 3.10 - 7.25kW
Gas Types Natural Gas 
Fuel Effect Coals and Logs
Sizes available Medium and Large
High Efficiency Conventional flue 78% 
Balanced flue 82%
Colour choice Matt Black
Command Controls Manual, Standard upgradeable or 
Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area Medium: 377 x 276mm 
Large: 513x310mm
Tracery and Clear Door versions  



Stove A B C D* E† Weight CF BF Flue Diameter
Medium Clarendon 654mm 652mm 427mm 463mm 126mm 58kg     BF: 150mm (6") CF: 127mm (5")
Large Clarendon 779mm 710mm 468mm 517mm 166mm 102kg     BF: 150mm (6") CF: 127mm (5")

*(Medium balanced flue version: 520mm). 
†(Medium balanced flue version: 158mm).

Clarendon Gas Stoves Dimensions